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The Scottish Highlands


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Highlights from our time in the Scottish Highlands…

  • The open road – a rare treat for us Guerns
  • Glimpses of Glasgow along the way
  • Driving the long way round Loch Lomond, just because
  • Spotting deer in the long grass
  • Car sing-alongs to entertain one frustrated little girl
  • Late night chippie dinners after a long journey
  • Taking Blossom up her first mountain, Aonach Mor
  • Silly family antics in the cable car on the way down the mountain
  • Awesome local radio that plays just the right amount of 80’s music – lots!
  • Perfect reflections on peaceful Loch Linnhe
  • Taking a ferry across the loch, just to get a spot of lunch
  • Town centres that are smaller than Guernsey’s
  • Busking bagpipers who are about 10 years old
  • Clear views of Ben Nevis, the UK’s highest mountain
  • Exploring Fort William with a sleeping babe
  • The Husby’s homemade Mexican Lasagne
  • Walks through the forest to the squirrel enclosure
  • Wild foxgloves along the roadside
  • Highland cows called Hamish and St. Bernard dogs called Daisy

4 thoughts on “The Scottish Highlands

  1. What wonderful photos! Inspiring Jessica. Sounds like you had a delightful time.

    • Oh Cherie, you guys would love it up there! One to put on the list for future travels. We also could have seen you living in Edinburgh, but pleased you came to Guernsey instead!

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