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{GOALS} Twenty Fourteen


source: The London Beep

source: The London Beep

I know some people find the New Year a depressing time, but it is actually one of my favourite times of year. I’m not really fussed by the hype of New Years Eve, but January 1st with its promise of potential and possibilities for a new year – that I love.

I’m the planning type and enjoy setting myself goals each year so that I can challenge myself, grow as a person and take some steps towards my dreams.

Having reflected on twenty thirteen, I’ve decided to make my goal setting even simpler this year. Last year I used our family purpose statement to help set annual goals. However, our statement is currently a work in progress, plus I wanted to make things even simpler this year now that life is a bit more hectic with a baby in the mix.

I actually found the inspiration for some simple goal setting over on one of my favourite blogs, Today’s Letters. I have followed suit and split my goals into the following four categories; Spiritual, Physical, Relational & Professional.

I’ve set no more than three goals under each of these categories, which may sound like a lot – potentially 12 goals – however some of these goals are incredibly simple or go hand-in-hand with another goal making them easier to achieve.

As accountability is crucial when it comes to goal setting, I would like to share with you a few of my goals, as recording my progress on here will not only hold me accountable, but also spur me on.

source: brakes

source: brakes

One of my spiritual goals is to become more ethically aware. Social justice is important to me. I want to buy chocolate that is free from child labour and clothes that were made for a fair price. This year I plan to find out more about the shops and brands that I buy from and make the appropriate changes I need to so that my shopping habits align with my faith and values.

Not your usual physical goal, but I have decided to make getting dressed in the morning much simpler by creating a capsule wardrobe. Although it will initially take a bit of extra effort to thoughtfully assemble a smaller collection of clothing that is interchangeable, I believe that the money and time saved on clothing myself in the long run will definitely be worth it.

I have divided my professional goals between the two roles that now count as my career; that of being a mother and a homemaker. Firstly, as a homemaker I want to run our home in a more eco-friendly manner and hope to make some big steps along our journey towards greener living this year. I also want to gain more confidence in the kitchen so will be attempting a new baking recipe each month, the results of which I hope will deem worthy enough to show on here!

My main aim as a mother this year is to encourage a love of books and nature. This will involve lots of family outings on our picturesque little island as well as reading some timeless classics. From time to time I hope to share with you some photos from our nature explorations and maybe even some book reviews of some of our favourites.

source: Reorganics

source: Reorganics

The Husby and I have also set some marital and financial goals together as a couple. I won’t be sharing these on here, but I would highly recommend that those of you with partners make goals together in these areas too.

So keep an eye out for some of the posts linked to my goals for twenty fourteen and feel free to ask about my progress.

Happy (belated) new year!

What goals have you set for 2014?

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4 thoughts on “{GOALS} Twenty Fourteen

  1. Thanks for sharing Jessica. I agree that simpler is often better when it comes to goals, and those four categories sound like a great starting point. Must check out that blog you mention ‘Today’s Letters’ also…

    • Definitely check out Today’s Letters, Cherie. Currently my favourite blog to follow. The couple really seem to appreciate the simpler things in life, they’re very inspiring.

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