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{One Bite} Date Nights & Downtime


One Bite at a Time

ProjectI #4 of our {One Bite at a Time} series; Establishing Regular Date Nights & Downtime.

Schedule Regular Date Nights

After years of rather sporadic date nights it was time to start regularly scheduling something in. Date nights helps us to remember why we fell in love in the first place and help us to be people other than parents. We have opted for monthly dates nights, that I plan in advance, enabling us to do something special and/or make the effort to dress up or go out. We also schedule in an evening each week that we call marriage time, where we have time to really chat, update each other on our weeks and relax together on the sofa with a good book or film.

Carve Out Intentional Downtime

Downtime is about rest and relaxation and any activities you choose to carry out during this time should help you to unwind. We’ve booked in one night per week for some intentional downtime where we make sure we turn off the distractions and don’t feel guilty for not doing very much. This is a night where we both do whatever we want to take care of ourselves, de-stress and avoid burn-out. For me this may involve a hot bubble bath, reading through my unread books, sewing (for fun), having a hot chocolate or even going to bed early! For the Husby, this looks more like going for a run, playing a computer game, reading a novel, skype-ing with a friend or enjoying a cup of tea.

Do you make time for regular date nights and downtime?

6 thoughts on “{One Bite} Date Nights & Downtime

  1. This is great Jessica. We have a regular date night and although it can seem regimented to diarise these things we’ve found it to be invaluable as our lives get very full of other things very easily . I was inspired to make some regular down time too, I haven’t really made space for that regularly and know that I /we would really benefit from that.

    • Thanks Judith and well done you guys! We’re really enjoying date night and putting it in the diary really does make a difference. I think downtime is actually harder to stick at as it’s time on your own and people feel guilty for taking time for themselves and not doing very much. The diary is key for downtime too and I’ve discovered that adding it to my to-do list even helps! This way I have to tick it off the list along with the laundry and the dishes so it makes me do it! Good luck with the downtime!

  2. Hmmmmm, great ideas as always Jessica. Has prompted me to rethink my schedule and how important it is to book in date nights and downtime in advance and be intentional. Particularly love the book store date idea – adorable!

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