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The World Inside Our Home


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The Husby and I have been unpacking more boxes over the past couple of weeks and after 5 months have finally hung up some pictures in the living room. It’s amazing what pictures on the wall can do. They really make a house feel like a home.

I’m loving the theme that is coming through in our living room now. It may just be me, but I like my rooms to have a theme, even if that theme is as simple as a colour theme. The theme for our living room that has developed is… the world! Or rather, our travels around the world.
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We’ve unpacked beautiful African pottery, wooden carvings from Greece, Egypt, Italy and Malawi, fabrics from Africa, photos from our travels, plus various maps and globes.

Now that these things are on display it really feels like a little bit of the world is inside our home and I love it! My living room is now not just a place to relax but a place to remember our family’s adventures and a place to be inspired for the next.

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Our maps and travel books also serve us well when entertaining. I can remember many times in recent years, being huddled around an atlas or travel book with friends, scouring the globe, all swapping stories and dreaming up new adventures.

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I also love that by bringing the world into our home through books, maps, art and crafts we have a good foundation for introducing our little girl to different world cultures.

I already find Blossom staring up at the wall with great intent, taking in the beauty of Venice that is captured there. I like to think she is already planning adventures of her own!

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3 thoughts on “The World Inside Our Home

  1. Really inspired at how you’ve incorporated your interest and passion for travel and the world into your home. Thanks for the ideas Jessica.

    • Thanks Cherie! We originally had other plans for our living room but once we started unpacking the boxes a distinct global, earthy style emerged and we’re now really pleased with the results.

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