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Give Nature a Home

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Have you seen this new RSPB advert yet? It will be on TV for the month of July.

For readers outside of Britain the RSPB stands for Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. They are a UK registered charity that works to promote conservation and protection for birds and other wildlife. If you love nature then the video is definitely worth watching.

Personally, I love it!! The idea of creating a home for nature, because they need somewhere to eat and sleep too!

Give nature a home

I’ve already downloaded a guide for my family and we don’t even have a garden! What we do have can’t even be classed as a patio, it’s a communal paved area allowing access to ours and our neighbour’s front doors. Plus it overlooks a car park, not exactly a countryside view!

I do have a few humble pot plants by our front door though, in the small attempt of creating an illusion of the countryside. I feel it is now time to elaborate on this and do what I can with my teeny corner of ‘patio’.

The guide gives you 10 simple and fun ideas that will benefit both bugs, birds and little beasts like hedgehogs. I can’t decide between growing flowering plants in tubs or whether to build a wildlife shelter. I’ve always liked those little insect hotels! Maybe I’ll do both? Then the bugs that visit the hotel can go sightseeing amongst the flowers.

Give nature a home

Such a shame Libby is too little to enjoy this. I’ve already found a really cute first garden set which will be perfect for a first birthday present next year – I can’t wait to get our fingers green together next summer!

You can download your guide from the RSPB, HERE and why not check out their online store, HERE. I’ve only just discovered it but it has some really cute gift ideas for both adults and kids, plus they have a 50% sale at the moment. Christmas shopping a bit earlier this year anyone?

What sort of wildlife could you be creating a home for this summer?

(Photos from the RSPB and RSPB shop websites)

© Jessica Girard and The Open Home, 2013.
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