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70 Years of Freedom

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Yesterday marked the 70th anniversary of Guernsey’s liberation from the Nazi occupying forces during World War 2. Freedom is definitely worth celebrating and as always, I like to decorate, hence the above photos!

My Gran was evacuated to England during the war, along with her younger brother and sister. She left a young girl of twelve years old and returned to the island a young woman of eighteen – five long years away from home. The photo used in my display above is a photo she had taken with her siblings to send home to her parents before they returned to the island. My Gran, Doreen is the girl on the left.

As for my Grandpa, well he stayed on the island during it’s occupation and seemed to have fun causing general mischief for the German soldiers. I always remember my Grandpa in particular on Liberation Day, the stories he shared, his cheeky character and loving nature. Above pictured is his identity card which he used during the island’s occupation, I especially love that his red hair was called hellblond!

I marked the the day by taking my girls to visit their Great Granny Doreen in the morning and then headed into the town centre in the afternoon to watch a bit of the cavalcade with my Mum, see some impressive helicopters (which delighted Blossom) and visit The Husby at our church’s Love Freedom family activity marquee.

Calling all Guerns! How did you celebrate your freedom yesterday?

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{Party} Farmyard Fun

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A farmyard party was an easy choice for Blossom’s 2nd birthday as she simply adores all things farm. We took our inspiration from her beloved ride-on “Moo” and went for a subtle cow print theme mixed in with some hessian fabric and red gingham. Apart from buying the balloons, ribbon and gypsophilia we were then just able to utilise all the home decor bits we already had to hand. We got our invites from here and the cake was Blossom’s ultimate favourite, “Anna’s choc cake” as found in the cafe at our church but with the sweet addition of some chocolate fences and farmyard animals. As you can see Daddy was rather generous with his portions… she was delighted!

I love a good theme! What party themes have been your favourites?


Blossom Turns Two!

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I love cuddles, beeping noses, my yellow wellies, story time with Daddy, outings with my Granny, blowing bubbles, helping in the garden, cuddling my baby sister, tractors and lorries, sheep, goats, cows and horses (pretty much all farm animals!), cake, the cafe at church, tickling my friend Oliver, watching the world go by, plane spotting, dogs, the moon and colouring.

My favourite phrases include “funny Daddy/Mummy”, “pretty shoes/hair/dress”, “choc cake”, “Meeow”, “Daddy Man”, “No shy”, “Granny Pa”, “Nanny Goats”, “babby sheep”, “blue sky” and “true story”.

My favourite toys are my bunny Boo, my ride on Moo, toy animals and dolls buggy.

My favourite books are Goodnight Moon, Dogs and The Baby’s Catalogue.

My favourite foods are bananas, blueberries, yoghurt, cheese, beans on toast and “Anna’s choc cake!”


Posts inspired by Blossom in her second year:

Happy Birthday Sweetheart! Mama loves you.

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{Daughter Diaries} #10

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Dear Blossom, spontaneous hide and seek games make unpacking house much more fun. Ten out of Ten for effort and originality for this hideout! Personally I thought the under stairs lavatory made a better Harry Potter cupboard, but you seem to think differently. Dear Bubbles, mama is tired, exhausted in fact and it’s at times like these that being the milk provider takes it’s toll. I’ll admit that after the third night feeding I’m convinced that it must be time to quit my milking duties, but then morning comes, I’m greeted by your sweet smile and somehow I find the strength to carry on. Dearest Daughters, thanks for always keeping me on my toes!

Happy Friday! Anyone else out there sleep deprived?


{April Gratitudes}

For sweet aunties and unique gifts that are so full of character.

For sweet aunties who make the best of gifts.

For spring in the air and

For spring in the air and “babby goats” to feed.

For little green fingers, mummy's little helper.

For these little green fingers, mummy’s precious little helper.

For sweet smelling steps and repurposed pots that remind me of a happy childhood.

For sweet smelling steps and repurposed pots that remind me of a happy childhood.

For waking up to this sweet face.

For waking up to this sweet face.

For surprise faces and the love of dogs.

For surprise faces and the love of dogs.

These are some of the inserts from our family gratitude journal during April, reminding us that God is good and that we are blessed!

What have you been thankful for this month?


Keeping it Real

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I’ve been cloth bottoming my girls pretty much from the word go as part of my eco-baby efforts to care for creation, but this year I’ve taken things to a whole new level – cloth nappies on the clothes line! I can now line dry my nappies thanks to the outside space at my new abode and I didn’t think it was possible, but I now love using cloth nappies all the more. I was warned several times when pregnant with my first that I’d soon change my mind about using cloth nappies once I was sleep deprived and had ‘all that washing’ to do. Well I can assure you that we’re pretty sleep deprived at the moment but it turns out that the extra washing is negligible, even with two babes using them, and I can honestly say that hanging these cute little things on the line makes doing laundry much less of a chore.

Happy Real Nappy Week!

Anyone else out there who can’t resist a cute clothed bottomed babe?

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{Daughter Diaries} #9

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Dear Blossom, the jibber jabber coming out of your mouth is astonishing, it just doesn’t stop! Looks like you’ll soon be clocking up your 20,000 words per day and with three girls in the house, Daddy may officially need a man cave to hide in. Dear Bubbles, your incredible cuteness simply can not be denied! Looking down at your sweet cheeks makes walks in the rain and hiking back up the ‘Mount’ so worthwhile. Dearest Daughters, thank you for keeping me company as I journey through motherhood with you two.

Happy Tuesday! Anyone else got a chatty toddler?


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