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{Daughter Diaries} #9

The Open Home 291

Dear Blossom, the jibber jabber coming out of your mouth is astonishing, it just doesn’t stop! Looks like you’ll soon be clocking up your 20,000 words per day and with three girls in the house, Daddy may officially need a man cave to hide in. Dear Bubbles, your incredible cuteness simply can not be denied! Looking down at your sweet cheeks makes walks in the rain and hiking back up the ‘Mount’ so worthwhile. Dearest Daughters, thank you for keeping me company as I journey through motherhood with you two.

Happy Tuesday! Anyone else got a chatty toddler?


New Life

The Open Home 303

Just about managed to do a spot of Easter decorating amongst the ongoing unpacking from our house move. Pictured above are just a few symbols of new life on display in our home, reminding us that we too have new life thanks to Christ Jesus. God is good!

‘Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, a new creation has come: the old has gone, the new is here!’ 2 Corinthians 5:17

Happy Easter, sweet readers! How have you been celebrating?


{March Gratitudes}

For our first family home and memories we'll always cherish.

For our first family home and the memories we’ll always cherish.

For a beautiful island home.

For still waters and our beautiful island home.

For night time inspiration and the grace to start afresh each day.

For night time inspiration and the grace to start afresh each day.

For scrunched up noses and the joy of mummy-daughter dates.

For scrunched up noses and the joy of mummy-daughter dates.

For sweet surprises and a garden to grow.

For sweet surprises and a garden to grow.

For sunshine at the vIllas a new house to call our home.

For sunshine at the villas and a new house to call our home.

These are some of the inserts from our family gratitude journal during March, reminding us that God is good and that we are blessed!

What have you been thankful for this month?

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{Rocky Road}

The Open Home 300

I do realise that it is the very end of March, but I bring February’s Bake Off to you incredibly late as I unfortunately had two failed Bake Off attempts last month. I had originally hoped to make brownies for my birthday / Valentines weekend, however my brownies turned out much more sloppy than the squidgy-fudgy goodness I was hoping for. I then attempted a different brownie recipe the following week but still had no luck. My fragile baking ego was at an all time low and then with the added delay of our house move I’ve struggled to get back on the baking wagon this past month.

I needed something simple to restore my faith in home made goods, hence, the Rocky Road. My lovely friend passed on the recipe she uses, which is really easy to adjust and always a crowd pleaser. Blossom was especially pleased to ‘help’ me with this Bake Off and by help I mean eat digestives and shout “choc cake” at me throughout the entire process. Thankfully they were successful and scrummy, restoring my hope in baking and sparing me the wrath of Blossom!

Recipe {HERE}.

What brownie recipe do you use? I’m determined to successfully make some one day!

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Our New (Open) Home

The Open Home 289

We now have a new house to call home and we feel incredibly blessed!

Not only is our new home located in the outskirts of town, an area we have been keen to live in for a few years now, it’s within walking distance of our favourites shops, restaurants and cafes, a park and our church. But best of all this home comes with some outside space!

I’ve been craving a little garden to nurture, somewhere to plant some lavender, grow some veggies and somewhere to let Blossom run wild and free – which as you can see above, is working rather well!

So excited to make this new house our home and finally be able to put my urban farming book to use, but even more excited about this new chapter of our lives working with our church community.

What vegetables are you growing in your small garden? Any tips?

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{Daughter Diaries} #8

The Open Home 301

Dear Blossom, at not quite two years old it would seem you already have a flare for home decorating. Displaying your toys is becoming quite an art and I was particularly fond of this one, such an improvement to the boring TV area. Mummy could learn a lot from you – potential career as an interior designer maybe? Dear Bubbles, you can laugh, you can laugh, you can laugh! Well it’s more of a short chuckle at the moment and still rather elusive, but it keeps Mummy and Blossom attempting baby friendly stand up comedy nonetheless. Dearest Daughters, thank you for bringing joy and beauty to the everyday ordinariness of life.

What toys are currently on display in your home?


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